What is Coding for Crammers?

Coding for Crammers is an e-learning platform that provides effective and simplified coding exam preparation resources to beginner and non-technical students who struggle to understand coding concepts taught in the typical classroom setting.

We accomplish this by...

  1. Explaining my concepts first in simple real-world terms.
  2. Implementing the real-world example in a code-along opportunity.
  3. Providing a practice problem for students to affirm what they just learned.

With the above process, Coding for Crammers is able to deliver students the information they need in the shortest amount of time, right before their exams when it matters most!

Adam Wise, Author

My name is Adam Wise, and if you’re in need of help learning how to code, I’d love for you to utilize my coding resources!

Over my 3 years of tutoring, I’ve been able to hone in on the best methods to teach coding concepts, resulting in an improved understanding for students within minutes.

Each of my coding resources utilizes these methods in order to teach you how to code in the most effective and efficient manner!